Speech Quick Quiz


Please answer "yes" for each of the following statements that are true: 



_______  Your child is not talking by the age of two or uses less than 20 words.

_______  At age two, your child primarily gestures, grunts or points to communicate.

_______  You have a difficult time understanding your child after the age of three.

_______  Your child is leaving off many beginning or ending consonants at age three.

_______  Your child requires repetition to understand simple directions at age three.

_______  At age three, your child does not combine words into two or three word phrases or more                     and is less that 80 percent intelligible (able to be understood).

_______  Your child's speech consists mostly of vowel sounds.

_______  Your child's sentence structure is incomplete, he/she leaves out words or substitutes words                 at age five.

_______  Your child's speech is too fast, too slow or doesn't flow naturally after age five.

_______  Your child is embarrassed and bothered by his/her speech at any age.

_______  Your child is making errors in speech sounds after age six.

_______  Your child's voice quality is too high or too low for his/her age and sex.

_______  Your child has academic problems with reading, writing, and spelling.

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, it would be beneficial to have your child's speech and language evaluated by a speech -language pathologist.

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