Infant and Child Services









The audiology staff has more than 20 years of experience providing

comprehensive hearing assessments for infants and children of all ages.  

Our Center offers newborn hearing evaluations with specifically designed equipment to meet the needs of tiny ears.  We have the latest technology to evaluate infants in a comfortable and non-invasive way.  Beyond newborn testing, visual reinforcement  audiometry (VRA) and conditioned play audiometry can be used to behaviorally test children until they are old enough to use a traditional hand raise response to tones.

We serve all ages of children as well as provide educational audiology services including auditory processing evaluations, school based hearing screenings, and consultation for assistive devices such as FM systems.

Bristol Clinic

111 Commonwealth Ave., Suite 100

Bristol, Virginia 24201

T: 276.669.6331

F: 276.669.2950

Lebanon Clinic

68 Pioneer Drive

Lebanon, Virginia 24266

T: 276.889.1389

F: 276.889.5847